Best Conservatorship Attorney in Culver City, CA

What is Conservatorship?

A Conservatorship is a court proceeding in which a Judge appoints a family member, friend, another responsible person or a professional fiduciary (conservator) to care for a person (conservatee) who cannot care for themselves and/or their finances.

Conservatorship of the Person

In a Conservatorship of the Person, the conservator is responsible for making sure that the conservatee has proper food, clothing, shelter, and health care. Depending on the conservatee’s ability to understand and make decisions, the conservator may need to make important medical choices for him or her.

Conservatorship of the Estate

In a Conservatorship of the Estate, the conservator handles the conservatee’s financial matters. These duties include managing the conservatee’s finances, protecting income and property, paying bills, making investments, preparing and filing taxes on behalf of the conservatee. The conservator is also required to make regular reports of the financial account to the courts and other interested parties.

General Conservatorship vs. Limited Conservatorship

General Conservatorships are often for elderly people, but can also be younger people who have been seriously impaired, like in a car accident, for example.

Limited Conservatorships are for adults with developmental disabilities who cannot fully care for themselves or their finances. Conservatees in Limited Conservatorships do not need the higher level of care that conservatees in General Conservatorships need.