Fathers Rights Attorney in Culver City, CA

What Rights do Fathers Have in California?

Many Fathers feel that courts unfairly favor the mother in matters of divorce, child custody, child support, and so on. Some would say courts don’t grant many fathers fair custody rights.

In many cases, fathers need to fight to ensure their rights are not overlooked. Regardless of whether the father is divorce, separated, or unmarried, the law grants certain rights to fathers regarding their children. Let us help you uphold your father’s rights!

Mothers and Fathers Alike Have the Right to:

  • Decide on their child’s religion, health care and education
  • File for changes in custody or support if circumstances change
  • Raise their children through visitation and custody agreements
  • File for changes if the other parent does not follow the custody or support guideline.

If you are unable to exercise your paternal rights because of a non-compliant parent, unfavorable judgment or faulty ruling call us ASAP. Let us guide you through the legal process. Your love ones are depending on you.