Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements Attorney Culver City, CA

Is a Prenuptial for you?

Marriage is not a commitment that should be entered into without taking into consideration all legal elements involved. It is important to fully understand the marriage contract prior to signing. The marriage contract is a commitment and therefore, there are heavy consequences if divorce occurs.

The Law Office of Anne Dowden Saxton, can help you establish a prenuptial agreement that can protect your income, assets, and property in the case of a divorce. They are especially important in high net worth divorce cases because there is much at stake. These agreements protect those who do not wish to be taken advantage of by the other party. They also are designed to modify terms of a marriage contract in case the marriage does not work. Within the prenuptial agreement, it is important to discuss alimony, so that you are not forced to support an individual who has committed adultery.

Is Your Prenuptial Agreement Valid?

Prenups can be a great tool for couples to use before getting married. A prenuptial agreement can help you establish each other’s financial rights in the event of a divorce. This includes protecting a family business or securing your personal assets. However, prenups must be done right to be valid.

Let us look at the top 3 reasons why a prenuptial agreement might be invalid:

  1. The agreement was not written by the couple or notarized.
  2. Incomplete documents – both parties must sign the agreement at least 7 days before the wedding. If your spouse-to-be rushes you to sign without reading the documents thoroughly, the petition will be declared invalid as you do not understand the terms or rights. The couple should take the time to read the components carefully.
  3. The agreement was not consensual – If one or both parties were pressured into a prenuptial agreement, whether it be from a family member, your spouse’s lawyer, or your spouse.