Restraining Orders / Domestic Violence Lawyers in Culver City, CA

Do you Need Protection now?

If you are suffering a domestic violence issue, it is essential to involve a strong and aggressive lawyer for your safety as well as your love ones NOW! If you or your children are being abused by your spouse or a domestic partner, the situation calls for legal assistance. The Law Office of Anne Dowden Saxton is a firm that focuses on providing the protection individuals and families need during this difficult time.

How can I Protect Myself From an Abusive Spouse?

The court has the ability to issue an emergency domestic violence order. This will prohibit your spouse from coming into contact with you for 15 days. From there, you will have the time to organize a case to present before the court – which must include evidence of abuse. The purpose of this injunction is to avoid further occurrences of abuse while you take further legal action. I make it a priority to also offer caring and compassionate counsel to my clients who have been victims of domestic violence.