Best Spousal Support Lawyers and Attorneys in Culver City, CA

What you Need to Know About Alimony

During a proceeding for dissolution of marriage, the court can grant alimony, aka “spousal support” to either party. The court can also decide whether this payment will be made in one lump sum or during set monthly periods. They will also take into consideration factors such as standard of living and domestic abuse, when determining spousal support. The primary determination of how much spousal support, if any, should be granted, is whether or not either party has a need for spousal support.

Many cases require an experienced lawyer to secure or defend against a spousal support award. Then, it is not enough to determine whether or not a spousal support award is warranted, your lawyer has to determine the correct type of spousal support for your particular needs (or how to defend against paying that particular spousal support). Military divorces may have special considerations.

There are subtle variations of each alimony type, the tax implications, and how to present your case to a particular divorce judge. There is more to it than just presenting testimony. The longer that you are married and the bigger the disparity of your incomes, the more alimony exposure there is in a divorce case. Length of the marriage also largely determines which type of alimony you receive. The structured settlement of your assets or property can affect the award as well.

How is Alimony Awarded in a Divorce?

In the state of California, spousal support can be awarded different ways: temporary, long term and permanent. Each has been designed to provide financial support under a unique set of circumstances for a designated amount of time. The general purpose of which is to eliminate unfair economic limitations for the lower earning spouse after a divorce. Depending on the specific nature of a case, the presiding judge can choose to grant monthly spousal support payments to either party on a temporary, long-term or even permanent basis. The basis for awarding these spousal support payments will depend on many factors.