If you want a lawyer that will help you navigate through awkward and difficult situations, then hire her. I wanted nothing but civility and mutual respect throughout the process and Anne did just that. Couldn’t thank her enough for constantly being a voice of reason and not antagonizing my ex nor falling for the antics. Thanks so much.        Divorce

Larionne  R.

Anne made me feel confident being represented by Saxton Law Firm. She had my best interest in mind and worked diligently to obtain the best possible outcome. I am forever grateful for Anne’s personal touch and ultimately the very satisfying results I received with Anne and her professional staff.        Spousal Support

Judy DB.

Outstanding Attorney! Anne possesses the skills and qualifications that an exceptional attorney must have. Her leadership qualities, ethics, knowledge of the law, reliability and professionalism reflect the highest standards of the law. In my 48 years of experience in the legal industry as an Attorney I have seen many different kinds of attorneys. Anne is among the best of the best with 35 years of experience and an impeccable track record to back it up. I highly recommend Anne for your legal needs in regards to Family Law or probate concerns. She is a winner!!!        Family Law

Charles C. Esq

Our experience with The Saxton Law Firm was extraordinary, our Attorney Anne Saxton was excellent, total perfection, dedicated, always on top of things and always kept us well informed but most of all very caring, Anne always went the extra mile to make sure my minor daughter and I remain together. If you want an Attorney that truly cares Anne is the attorney for you!        Child Custody

Allen S.

Anne is extremely intelligent and compassionate. She took on my divorce which was ugly and complex, to say the least. My daughter safety was my main concern in consideration of my ex-husband’s documented history of being very abusive to my daughter. She made sure that nothing would be dictated by my Ex-husband. We spent hours preparing for mediation and it paid off. During the hearings, Anne Fought hard. I couldn’t believe how well the numbers worked out, all due to Anne’s expertise. I highly recommend The Law office of Anne Saxton, If you’re looking for a real winner to fight for you.        Divorce

Kimberly L.

The Saxton Law Firm made what seemed to be a daunting ordeal, manageable and seamless. Anne and her team guided me through a painstaking process with compassion and genuine concern. They fought for me and did it with grace and dignity. They successfully settled my case with no trial which made me very happy. The team is patient and understanding especially when it comes to a client who isn’t versed in the law. They share their knowledge maintaining transparency with me, always keeping me informed of what is going on. I highly recommend The Saxton Law Firm and will retain them in the future if necessary.         Divorce

Clarence S.

Anne saved me when I was absolutely desperate. The team at Saxton Law Firm truly went above and beyond in handling my probate concerns. They diligently explained every situation in detail to me and answered all of my questions. I had the pleasure of dealing with Anne, who, from the very start, was upfront and realistic regarding my situation and realistic expectations. In the end the Anne’s team of professionals maximized my claim–for which I am very grateful. I was very fortunate to fall into the care of the Law Office of Anne Dowden Saxton, and I would recommend them to anyone in need of a law firm to handle a probate or estate planning matter.         Probate

Antoinette C.

This Woman has integrity. she has an unbelievable presence in the courtroom, and I now understand how crucial this is. She stands for justice. She is fair and an attorney that will FIGHT for you. Anne is worth her weight in gold, which is a fraction of what she brings to the table in a courtroom.         Child Custody

Veronica S.

After receiving divorce papers from my soon to be ex-spouse, I scrambled around trying to find a professional to assist me with my response as soon as possible, I needed someone who really knew their stuff as I had no time for error. I searched & searched. Read review after review & God kept pointing me toward Anne so I listened. From the very first time I spoke to Anne, I felt a sense of relief! Omg her voice was calming, she answered ALL of my questions; she was patient, very responsive & I could tell she knew her law! My entire experience with her has been very reassuring and pleasant. I can now sleep at night knowing that I have a lioness with a 35-year well-established track record of winning on my team. Simply put, she is the Greatest.        Divorce

Tim B.

Anne is very knowledgeable and professional. I wouldn’t have known where to start with my case without her! She takes her time and listens intently to your experience followed by sound advice. I would not hesitate to send any of my family or friends to Anne. She is a gem in the community.         Restraining Order.

Kelly G.

Attorney Anne Saxton was an invaluable resource when it came to protecting my rights as a single father in the courtroom. Her attention to detail and knowledge of laws are unsurpassed. I would highly recommend Anne.        Visitation

Douglas H.

Outstanding Results and Professional Service. I hired Attorney Saxton to handle my divorce. My case was difficult because my spouse and I did not agree on anything. Ms. Saxton was able to work efficiently, and navigated my case through the complexities of the court process. She was strong in court, and got along well with opposing counsel. Her fees were very fair.        Divorce

David A.

Anne was very professional, empathetic, available and timely. So much so, that my ex and I shared her as an attorney. With her help, we were able to agree on the terms of our divorce, and expedite the process without a dispute. I highly recommend her!        Divorce

Joanie M.C.

Attorney Anne Saxton is a true professional in every way, courteous, intelligent, well informed and most of all an expert in Family Law. She assisted me with some serious issues regarding a family trust and we were able to resolve the matter quickly without any confusion or family disunity. I would recommend her to anyone who is experiencing serious legal dilemmas on any level. It is refreshing to still have attorneys in Los Angeles that still take their work seriously and truly care about the welfare of their clients.        Probate

Junior B.

The experience was such a bright light in dim process of divorce. Anne’s services are reliable and compassionate. Anne’s professionalism and guidance has given me a great reference point to friends and family in need of her services. Never been so pleased with legal services. Thank you again Anne.        Divorce

Larry B.

My family and I are ever so grateful, for Anne’s efficient effective and victorious resolution of my child visitation rights and court decision. She made everything simple, and clear; and the lines of communication were always open and welcoming. Ms. Saxton gave me excellent counsel in the success of my case. The Law Office of Anne Dowden Saxton allowed me the opportunity to be able to continue functioning in my daily life without having to worry about personal pending legal issue. My visitation rights were vigorously protected, I could not have been in better hands. If you’re looking for an Attorney that has your back as well as your front then you want Anne!!! Thank you, Anne Dowden Saxton Law Firm.        Visitation

Steve G.

Anne Saxton is an excellent attorney who has won my trust. Her attention to details and professionalism gives me comfort in knowing things will get done. Her ability to just listen and provide feedback really impressed me. It felt like family when I talk to her. She has client’s best interest at heart.        Estate Planning

Gilbert M.

Ms. Saxton is a very well-informed attorney giving clear description of complicated issues pertaining to the law. Unlike many jaded attorneys looking only for profit, she genuine took on a personal interest in my case. Anne is the epitome of an example of an attorney unitizing ethics and professionalism as a core fabric of her law firm practice. Anne is simply the best!        Divorce

Raquel W.

Anne Saxton Law ushers in a new age of professional legal service in a friendly, informative setting. This is a firm that cares and goes the extra mile to help their clients. I highly recommend you speak with her before making such an important decision regarding the best attorney for you and your family’s needs. You cannot afford not to talk with The Law Firm Office of Anne Dowden Saxton.        Probate

Debbie B.

I can’t express enough of how well Anne handled my Child Support legal issue. Had a pretty big problem…she answered the phone and handled my issue the next day. I was so impressed with her knowledge and efficiency. I will only get my legal help now and in the future from The Law Office of Anne Dowden Saxton.        Child Support

Clarence S.

I honestly just called for help to write a will. But after talking with Anne, and learning how things actually work as opposed to how I thought they worked, I went the living trust route. Anne’s was so attentive and understanding. She helped me figure out what I needed, and then set me up so that my asset will be protected and available for my children in the event of my demise. I am proud to highly recommend Anne to anyone looking for a high-class ethical professional attorney.        Living Trust

Tony N.

I recently retained Anne services as my divorce attorney. I am pleased to recommend Anne and her staff. She is professional, caring, trustworthy, and has extensive knowledge of the law. Anne is always prepared, always informative, and has the ability to make you feel as if you are her only client. In my opinion, these things, along with her impeccable attention to detail are what make her one of the best attorneys in the Los Angeles area. It was a privilege to work with Anne and her staff, and I highly recommend their services.        Divorce

Kevin G.

I have used Anne Saxton as my attorney for the past couple of years, including a difficult and complex divorce. Anne has always been thorough, timely, insightful, wonderful to work with, and very effective. I have always been especially impressed with how Anne listens and gives credence to my views, while interjecting her own expertise when appropriate. I would highly recommend Anne’s services to anyone.        Divorce

Eleanor A.

I decided to rely on Anne Saxton to handle my high conflict custody case. Ms. Saxton came highly recommended by one of my best friends, who I have complete faith in. After seeing the way Ms. Saxton handle my child custody case, I can understand why this Attorney has such an outstanding reputation. My case did not involve distribution of assets or child support; however, it was complex since it did involve protection orders and abuse. Furthermore, two states had jurisdiction over the case which made things more complicated and stressful. Anne was very knowledgeable about how to transfer my case from one state to another.

She kept me well informed of the status of my alternative possibilities. In other words, Anne not only advised me of the advantages, but she was also honest when considering the risks and possible negative consequences. Anne was always there to answer all my questions and she always returned my calls within 24 hours. She is very clever and a great asset to rely on.

When we went to court, I was extremely nervous; however, I felt that Anne was not only my lawyer, but she also acted like I would expect a close friend to behave. She was kind and understanding. Her confidence and positive attitude made me feel reassured and secured all the way through the process. Divorce is a devastating, horrible, time consuming, experience to go through. Nevertheless, for anyone in need of an excellent, aggressive, attorney I would highly recommend The Law Firm of Anne Dowden Saxton.        Divorce

Craig W.

If I could give more than 5 stars I would. Ms. Saxton’s office and her team are the best. They are very knowledgeable, very helpful, and responsive. Anne and her staff truly care about their clint’s best interest and have demonstrated to me that they will do whatever is required to make sure you are positioned as much a reasonably possible for a favorable legal outcome. Anne guided me through the whole process very smoothly. She is trustworthy, respectful and a lovely human. For me, she is the best lawyer in the entire world and most intelligent person that I ever met. I’m very grateful to have her in my life. I highly recommend Anne Saxton Law and her wonderful team.        Probate

Tanya E.

Ms. Anne Saxton represented me in my divorce; I could not have felt more comfortable than I did with Ms. Saxton as my Attorney especially in consideration of her extensive experience and stellar reputation.

  1. The quality of representation I received was of the highest anyone could expect.
  2. I always know Ms. Saxton was looking out for MY interest and MY rights! along with those of my children.
  3. Ms. Saxton and her staff always treated me respectfully, professional and attuned to the facts
    of my case that one should expect from a law firm.

I have shared with my family the tremendous job Anne and her staff has provided for me and I highly recommend Anne for anyone in need of a Family Law Attorney.        Divorce

David V.

The Law Firm of Anne Dowden Saxton helped me in one of my darkest hours. Without going into detail, they went above and beyond the call of duty. Other firms before them did absolutely a minimum effort with little to no results. It wasn’t just a paycheck Anne and her staff truly cared about my case. In my view Anne’s tenacious approach concerning my case rewarded me with the best possible outcome. Outstanding Job!         Divorce

Aiwynn D.

Attorney Anne Saxton, how can I thank you enough for not only making sure my case was handled in my best interest, but also you and your wonderful staff kindness and understanding, your patience and guidance was so comforting. When I didn’t understand the process of something, I would call Anne and without fail I would receive a call back in 24 hours or less! she would take the time to help me better understand whatever my concerns were at the time. This Law Firm is one you can trust to be open and honest about your case with you as well as guide you and protect your best interest at all times. I’m so very grateful that I landed at the Law Office of Anne Dowden Saxton. I highly recommend Anne Saxton if you want one of the best Family Law attorneys on your side.         Divorce

Angelena C.

What stood out immediately to me was Ms. Saxton’s professionalism and desire to get it right. We worked side-by-side getting evidence, reviewing documents and writing up declarations. Her process was very easy to follow and documents were quickly filed with the court. When you pay an attorney, you trust they are doing their best for you. Ms. Saxton did everything she promised and more. His office’s quick responses and take-charge attitude quickly let me know I made the right choice. Mr. Saxton work was top-notch and her concern was always helping me move forward and succeed with my case. If you’re looking to hire someone who is experienced, accountable, fair, responsive and tells you the truth about your case I recommend you reach out to Ms. Anne Saxton, she will get your job done!!!        Divorce

Willie W.

After a long battle in court over custody, I have to say that Anne Saxton is by far the biggest blessing to me and my children! She constantly fought and continued to remain focused on my case. Even when things got rough Anne’s resolve never wavered which gave me the confidence to fight on. When I was searching for an attorney to represent me, I knew I needed someone who was going to be committed, determined and professional. She works diligently to get all details precise and deals with your matters promptly. If you’re looking for an attorney who will not only be on your side (not just because you’re paying), but invest in you because you and your family MATTER. I highly suggest you call her office NOW!        Custody / Visitation

Eric S.